Flannel Friday: Windblown

Windblown by Édouard Manceau screams to be made into a flannel. It would take 2 storytellers or (a) disciplined preschool assistant(s) to make it work seamlessly. You could read through the text and simply play with the shapes afterward. This might also be fun with smallish tour groups, like a boy scout troop or the like. I'm excited to try it out, but do wish the text had been translated a little more artfully.
To make this set I blew up a page with all the shapes to legal size, cut them out and pinned them to flannel, cut again, and was finished! If not a perfectionist, you could also eyeball it.

5/26 UPDATE: I belatedly realized if you haven't seen or read this newer title you might not be inspired to seek it out by what little I shared above. Here's a shot of the open book and one of the other creatures constructed of flannel pieces. Now do you see the possibilities?

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