Lab Rats: Summer Reading Edition

Elsbeth wrote a quick guest post for us about her successful Dig Into Reading science program. Let's check it out...

Summer reading has begun and we just had our first summer science program. I called it “Join the Dig!” It was a mock archaeological dig activity.  
I set up our “dig site” by laying out a grid of boxes that I'd filled with shredded paper. I buried about 5 “artifacts” in each one. I used primarily leftover summer reading prizes from years past, as well as some things like fake bones that were made in advance from air dry modeling clay.
When each kid arrived they chose a box or “unit” to dig. They also were given an excavation map so they could record the location of their finds, as well as some "tools" for excavating.  Once they recorded the location of each artifact, I provided artifact tags they could fill out and place with their new found treasure in a baggie for taking home.
The kids had a great time digging.

I was pleased to have very enthusiastic parents in attendance. They were all happily digging with their kids and helping them record their finds. 

Thanks, Elsbeth! Want to get your hands on the artifact tags, excavation maps, or other support documents? Just comment below and we'll get back to you!

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