Spy Training

We had another fun themed program for school-aged kids this month: Secret Agent Training. We set up stations around the room to get them in the spirit and had them complete a laser maze.

Spy ID Badge: Each child selected a piece of paper from two containers in order to find out their spy name. One container had spy-sounding adjectives (red, sneaky, silent, etc.) and the other had cool sounding nouns (cobra, thunder, tiger, etc.). The combinations they pulled were hilarious and the kids were really excited about their spy names. We then took a picture of each kid making a spy face (usually a scowl). We had ID badges with a space for their real and code names, thumbprint, and photo. We printed out their pictures and then used tape to "laminate" the whole thing.

Disguise Station: We printed out these very cool disguise kits on cardstock. It was fun to see how many kids, girls and boys, walked around with mustaches the rest of the day. We also put out scratch-art glasses and fake beards.

Cryptology: After much web searching, I put together a crypto wheel for the kids to make and take home with them. I also put out some coded messages for them to solve.

Laser Grid: The most fun station was the laser grid. We turned tables on their sides and used red tape to to create a laser maze between the tabletop and the wall. The kids had fun trying to avoid the lasers, and then taking it apart and building their own grid.

 It was one of our most well-attended programs and everyone had a blast pretending to be super spies!


  1. The link to the disguise kits didn't work for me. I'm wondering if you could direct me where to go?

  2. This site may work for you: