October Krafternoon: Monsters

For Krafternoon in October we created monsters from recyclables. Kids chose either a baby food jar or a tissue box to start, as per the instructions on a slide. Though it is becoming harder to get your hands on glass baby food jars, we were gifted just about enough. I didn't collect enough tissue boxes though. Go figure. Using this 
as inspiration I set out the boxes, glue, craft foam, googly eyes, sharpies (rather than paint. Ug), scissors, and an egg carton.
The more popular choice was to decorate a baby food jar and fill it with slime. The slime was flubber using essentially this recipe. The key to making it look cool is clear glue though it did change the consistency somewhat. The flubber didn't hold together as well as when using white glue, but that may have been a brand issue (We had Colorations brand so that's what I used). Anywho, beyond using clear glue, add glitter and use neon food coloring. Ohh. Aah. (Here is the inspiration site, where she uses Crayola glitter glue. Cheater.) I set out a mishmash of other material including more googly eyes and sharpies, feathers, cupcake liners, tissue paper, paper scraps, and so on. Tons of fun and I had to make several more quick batches of slime to satisfy my customers. It was a nice chance to try all the colors in my new neon set and they were all awesome.

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