Baby-friendly Display Ideas

We're lucky enough to have a large, dedicated Early Learning Center in our branch, which contains a colorful wall complete with display and shelving space. There are a few permanent displays and others that rotate. Our Display Maven's latest genius was to add some of our dollies and stuffies to the space with mirrors. A perfect addition to the space with baby and toddler appeal, and a good idea to utilize near check out or any other place families may have to wait. If you don't have locking cubbies or hand mirrors, get your hands on reflective contact paper (such as this or this, which are just ideas and by no means endorsed by FVRL, my employer) and affix it to poster board or right to the wall, desk, etc.
We also have letter and number magnets near our check outs to keep kids occupied. The side panels of our desks and the check out counters are magnetic. If you'd like to try something similar but don't have a magnetic surface, re-purpose a cookie sheet or an oil drip pan.

What family-friendly ideas have you used to occupy little ones at desks? Cough them up.

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