Painting with Spaghetti

What's that you say? Painting with noodles? It might seem a little weird but the preschool kids really enjoyed it as an after storytime activity.  All it took was some cooked spaghetti, water and finger paint. We thinned out the paint with some water and mixed in the cooked spaghetti. 
Since we don’t have a stove at the library we boiled water in an electric kettle and poured it over the spaghetti, letting it sit until it had softened. Then the kids used the spaghetti to paint.   

We used red, yellow and blue so the kids could experiment with doing color mixing as well. Next time we do this we might try using shaped pasta, so that we can experiment with the different patterns.

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  1. Very cool! We may have to try that out at our library. Thanks for sharing.