Explore! STEAM for 3-5 year olds: Math and Yoga

When: Thursdays @ 11 and Fridays @ 10 (program repeats)
Attendance: this week 40 and 21, but there are usually more in each session-it was nice weather!

This week children explored math through counting, comparing amounts (see guided sheets below), in addition to math, physical well-being was explored through yoga. The program started with a brief gross motor activity and deep breathing. I read the book My Little Sister Ate One Hare by Bill Grossman. I used the book for the counting aspect as well as humor.  Then the group stood up and we did some deep breathing which led into explanation of exploring yoga as well as the counting activity.


The yoga worked much better the first day as I had a volunteer who knew how to do yoga and was able to spend the time interacting with the kids. This enabled me to spend time interacting with the children and adults on other activities. The second day, my volunteer was different and she did not know anything about yoga (note to self-make sure the volunteers know how to do an activity that I might need help with).  I used yoga cards-the children were able to pick a card and the leader would have the group do the exercise.   

The math exercises were a hit. 

Math stations (5): 

1.  Making chain loops using 3 different colors of paper: the children practiced creating a pattern and counting the number of loops in the chain they made. 

2.  Cups: one contained buttons the other small bears.  Children counted the amount in each cup and then compared to see which had more.  

3. Cups: same as #2 only using two different types of beads. 

4. Cups: same as #2 using two different sizes of pompoms.  


5. Coin flip: children flipped a play coin 10 times and wrote down the number of heads/tails then compared

Guided Sheets


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