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The 4th Wednesday of every month features a party or one-off event of some kind from 3 to 5pm in our Children's Programs Room. In the past, we tried a geography program in this time slot, featuring stations with crafts, facts, and paper & pencil activities relating to a different culture or country. When that didn't really take off we broadened the topic to explore current and popular trends.
Group mandala
To coincide with the week-long creation of a sand mandala by Tibetan monks, we made individual mandalas from glitter glue, sequins and old CDs, as well as a group mandala from random toys and craft supplies.

Drawing on some local talent, we played yoga games with Circulation Coordinator, Megan D., and not too spooky storytelling by Senior Library Assistant, Jericho.

We also presented an Angry Birds program popular with boys (so rare and exciting!), as well as a Pranks & Gags program in advance of April Fool's Day. Both of these events were written up for Kendra's stellar blog, Read Sing Play. Check out the awesome details over there! We most recently celebrated the release of Tom Angleberger's Art2-D2 with a Star Wars party.

As always, we're happy to answer questions or share planning documents. Just comment below!

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