Star Wars @ the library

On April 24th, we hosted a Star Wars party at the library for school age kids. We loosely tied it to the release of the new Origami Yoda book, but mainly we just thought it would be fun to do a bunch of Star Wars activities. We had good turnout, considering it was a beautiful spring day, and lots of requests to repeat the program again in the future.

The activities were set up as stations around the room and included:
Make a Lightsaber: We used donated paper towel tubes and rolled up butcher paper for each child to make their own lightsaber. Disney Spoonful has a printable image you can use for the hilt. 

Jedi Training: The kids then used their lightsabers to keep balloons afloat using “the force.” They also had a lot of fun putting the balloons on the air vents and using the force to keep them in the air.

Free Hans Solo: I laminated a full-body picture of Hans Solo and taped it to the bottom of a pie pan. I then froze water over the image so that Hans was stuck in “Carbonite.” The kids had a blast trying to chip him out with plastic spoons and knives. 

Storm Trooper Attack: The kids used a borrowed Nerf gun to shoot down an army of invading Storm Troopers. I blew up an image on 17”x14” paper and made lots of copies. I then cut around the Storm Troopers and left enough at the bottom to attach the sides so they stand up. I also weighted the backs with paper clips for more stability. You can also do this by wrapping the troopers around bowling pins and knocking them over with a bowling ball. 

Leia Hair and Yoda Ears: We put out Princess Leia Hair buns that I drew on brown card stock and Yoda ears that I drew on ugly camo green card stock and headbands. The kids stapled the respective character parts onto the headbands. I also put out some markers if the kids wanted to add decoration. 

Origami Yoda: We put out origami paper and instructions for making Yoda found here, as well as a book of harder options. 

The program was tons of fun and no one got hurt, despite shooting Nerf guns and letting the kids fight each other like crazy with their paper light sabers. Success!

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