Flannel Friday: Which fish?

Here's a simple flannel to play during preschool storytimes or with early elementary school groups. Start with the entire school of fish displayed on a flannel board. Spend a moment talking about them. Then turn your flannel board around, secretly remove one fish, turn it back to the audience, and sing your rhyme:
So many fishies here today!
Which fish did I take away? 
OR to make it simpler, "Which color fish did I take away?"

If your crowd is very good at this game, trying taking away more than one fish. Repeat until no longer fun.

To make this flannel, I chose 7 fish from a huge set we already had and raided our supply closet to personalize each one using puff paint, googly eyes and sequins. Little prep, lots of fun.

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  1. I use variations of this game all the time. The kiddos never get tired of it!! Thanks for sharing your lovely fishies.