Found Underground

As part of our rotating Wednesday line up we held an archeology themed event in July.
create an ancient coin
We had leftover white Crayola model magic clay, so I rolled some out and cut coins with and without holes to allow for threading. By allowing them to dry for a couple days ahead of time, the kids could paint or draw their own ancient coin.

terra cotta warriors
Using natural colored model magic clay, which I cut into pieces in advance, kids created replicas of Chinese Terra Cotta warriors. There were books and a slide show for inspiration.

sugar cube pyramid
This station challenged kiddos to build a pyramid 3 inches tall. Adults are always drawn to this activity, as well.

 dino dig   Our lovely graphics department blew up and laminated the dino skeleton from the CSLP Manual. I cut it into pieces and buried the bones in shredded paper leftover from a co-worker's program, Join the Dig. To be sure it wasn't too difficult I provided an outline of the finished dinosaur and a hint (There are 10 puzzle pieces). It was popular and I plan to make use of this format again.

wrap like a mummy
For one final simple addition, I set out toilet paper and asked the kids to guess how long a piece it would take to wrap their arms, fully expecting that they would want to wrap their entire bodies. A fun use for a cheap accessible material.

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